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Preparing for Russian State-Sponsored Cyberthreats
Preparing for Russian
State-Sponsored Cyberthreats
AttackIQ is your wingman for real-time, data-driven visibility into the effectiveness of your security program.
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“When CISOs include breach and attack simulation (BAS) as a part of their regular security assessments, they can help their teams identify gaps in their security posture more effectively and prioritize security initiatives more efficiently.”

- Gartner Top Security and Risk Management Trends 2021, March 2021

Trusted By Leading Cybersecurity Teams

The importance of being prepared for breaches grows with the constant evolutionary nature of costly cybersecurity attacks. That’s why the world’s leading cybersecurity teams choose AttackIQ to find security gaps, prioritize program strategies, and set-up their organizations for success. Together we’re making the world safe for compute.

The AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform enables a threat-informed defense across your organization, improving efficiency and effectiveness.


The pressure on chief information security officers (CISOs) is intense. Adversaries continue to ramp up attacks, while security resources remain constrained. With every ransomware event, boards are asking, “could this happen to us?” CISOs need to know that their security program is working. AttackIQ provides real-time visibility into your security posture and helps you build a threat-informed defense with our best-in-class Security Optimization Platform, Center for Threat-Informed Defense partnership, and award-winning Academy.

Security Operations

Use the MITRE ATT&CK framework and up-to-date threat intelligence about adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures to facilitate threat-informed defense operations across the enterprise, gaining data-driven control over your security program to ensure that you detect and prevent the adversary when the time comes.

Red, Blue, and Purple Teams

Teams use AttackIQ’s library of adversary emulations to exercise and validate specific security controls, building on the MITRE ATT&CK framework and AttackIQ library with new threat intelligence from the outside or which the security team itself generates.

Audit and Compliance

Use the platform to reduce your compliance and regulatory burden by mapping regulatory and compliance controls, conducting continuous tests, mapping the data from those tests to your compliance framework, and training your auditors.

Paul Haywood,
CISO of Bupa

“To keep up with the onslaught of new attacks, security programs must evolve from reactive and siloed to proactive and collaborative.

AttackIQ Blueprints

Gain immediate value from the AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform. Deploy technical Solutions into the parts of your organization that are best equipped to run adversary emulations against your security program.

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Focuses on the introduction of more proactive threat-driven capabilities, developing granular performance data, and driving improvements in your organization’s security and technology governance processes.

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You achieve significant security maturation for your organization. You are exercising your organization against known threats continuously to sharpen your defense capabilities.

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You are making the most of your scarce resources to deliver effective and efficient cybersecurity at scale across your enterprise.

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